Sunday, 2 June 2013

Feedback on Lawyer Chia Boon Teck & Wong Kai Yun

“I have emailed and have spoken to over 20 law firms pertaining to my case and had been disappointed each time. I am very happy to have found Mr Chia, finally, who has given me confidence and hope in my case. After so many months of preparation work on my case, I feel that it is as though we are preparing to go on a battlefield and Mr Chia is my most trusted General who will not fail to fight and defend all the way. I have full confidence in Mr Chia and I will definitely recommend anyone who are in need of legal advice to him.”

“It’s natural for people to panic and think that their world is coming to an end, especially when one gets oneself involved in a criminal case. Mr Chia, is not just a legal counsel but a counsellor. His understanding of not only the law, but the human psyche is one that is extremely helpful for me. It enables me to understand and let things take its course while living a life as normal as possible. Ultimately, it’s not about winning or losing the case, but about not losing yourself. Thank you so much Mr Chia!”
“I looked deeper into Chia Wong LLP’s website and perused the Clients’ Feedback. I concurred with all those comments. Despite my being unable to meet Mr Chia face-to-face, I found that he exuded warmth, empathy and sharp-mindedness over the telephone. If I should ever require legal services, I can assure that Chia Wong LLP will hear from me. In the meantime, I will not hesitate to recommend Chia Wong LLP to my business colleagues should such a need arise. Again, thank you and never lose those special qualities that are seldom witnessed in the ‘aggressive’ legal fraternity.”

“From my working experience with Boon Teck and Kai Yun, they are outstanding lawyers who are persuasive in speech and writing. They are well versed in litigation matters and their legal advice had led me to informed decision making for my company. Strategists equipped with the ability to organize large amounts of information, Boon Teck and Kai Yun have proven themselves to be able to analyze the case from a number of angles and discover all possible ways to fight for their clients’ interests.”
“I am very pleased with the services provided by Mr Chia Boon Teck and Ms Wong Kai Yun and the staff from Chia Wong LLP. Viable solutions were provided and matters were handled in a very professional and prompt manner. It really put my mind at ease during the whole stressful situation.”
“I approached Mr Chia with regards to a very distressing situation. I found him to be friendly and understanding, but most importantly he was calm and level-headed throughout a very fluid situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his firm to other people who require thoughtful advice and services delivered in a professional and caring manner.”
“Since my first discussions with Ms. Wong Kai Yun over my personal case (which has lasted 4 years until now) I have been deeply impressed by her ability to listen intently, rapidly grasp the situation and provide the best advice. Kai Yun has a unique ability to instantly recall the finer details of my complex case and consequently discussions are always highly efficient, productive and due to her positive, energetic personality, thoroughly pleasant. I have complete confidence in Kai Yun and in the past I recommended her to a friend for whom she provided exemplary service. In the future I will strongly recommend her services to others.”

“Working with Mr Chia Boon Teck and Ms Wong Kai Yun from Chia Wong LLP is definitely the right choice. They are outstanding lawyers who provide excellent and personalized legal services at a reasonable cost. Past experiences with other law firms with progressively increasing charges gave me a very bad impression of lawyers, but Chia Wong LLP has proven me wrong with their sincerity and truthfulness. I am very pleased and thankful for the professional advice offered. I will definitely recommend Chia Wong LLP to anyone in need of professional legal services. Once again, thank you.”
“We are truly thankful to have Mr Chia to advise us on our case. He is willing to take time to listen to us and learn about our case. He is able to gather info quickly and present his recommendations to us as to how to handle the case and what the likely result would be. We find him to be very knowledgeable of the law and considerate of our legal situation. As such, he is able to handle our case in an expedient and aggressive manner. Once again, we thank you and appreciate your patience and guidance through this difficult and trying period.”

“The firm of Chia Wong LLP provided me with very excellent service. I am an expat and did not know what to expect. They expertly navigated the issues for me with due diligence to the laws of Singapore. My concerns were handled successfully, with dispatch and the utmost of professionalism. I was very grateful to have been referred to this firm. Thank you again Chia Wong LLP.”
“I am very appreciative of Mr Chia Boon Teck for his professional handling of my husband's case. Mr Chia is a trustworthy, reliable, honest and experienced lawyer. Mr Chia was very clear in all his advices and explanations. On behalf of my husband, we would like to thank Mr Chia again for his prompt actions and his reasonable legal fee.”
“I am thankful with the way Ms Wong Kai Yun handled my case. Ms Wong was meticulous in taking my instructions and going through all my documents to get the full understanding of my case. Given the voluminous documents and events which spanned many years, she has the ability to hit the nail right on the head, and to pick out crucial points which I otherwise would have overlooked. On first sight, the legalities were not in my favour, but she was ingenious, strategic and tenacious in fighting my case.”
“We are deeply grateful and appreciative to Chia Boon Teck who had advised us throughout the case. He was very prompt in action and answering to our queries. We have good faith in him under his guidance and professional advice. He is a very friendly lawyer and does not display an arrogant attitude towards people in trouble with the law and their family members. Thank you, Mr Chia. I will not hesitate to recommend a lawyer like you to anyone who needs legal help.”
“Ms Wong Kai Yun gives her profession a good name. A great counsel, a reassuring presence, and a steady hand to guide me through a most difficult and traumatic period in my life. My first impression from meeting her was a strong assurance and confidence that "everything will be perfectly alright once Ms Wong acts for me". Indeed, I appreciate Ms Wong's intelligence, expertise and professionalism in her handling of my case, balanced with her kindness and thoughtfulness, that enabled me to remain focused and emotionally in control throughout the proceedings. Ms Wong and her team are always helpful, prompt and precise in their communications with me. Ms Wong and M/s Chia Wong LLP come with my high recommendation.”
“Sending a note to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Chia Boon Teck for his professional guidance and approach in assisting me to settle my case swiftly without any delay. I am glad with the outcome and also very grateful to have Mr Chia as my lawyer. I will definitely recommend Chia Wong LLP to anyone in need of legal services. Thank you, Mr Chia.”
“Ms Wong has been very meticulous and conscientious in her handling of my case. I am very thankful and happy with her professional service which helped get me the outcome as best as we could. Mr Chia has also been a pillar of confidence when we were about to go to trial. I am sure they would have done a good job had the trial gone ahead if the other party had not chickened out at the last minute.”
“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Chia for the excellent legal advice he provided for my wife's case and for getting the best outcome for the case. Thank you once again.”
“Emotionally it is never easy going through a legal case. However with Boon Teck's guidance, I felt much relieved and assured. His knowledge, thoroughness, sharp skillful response with detailed explanation provided me the strength and courage to fight on. He is very responsible and prompt in service; he deserves the trust I have in him.”
“On behalf of the partners of APAC Capital Management LLP, I wish to thank Ms Wong Kai Yun for her outstanding efforts and expertise, not only in drafting our legal agreements, but in helping us gain a sound understanding of Singapore's financial regulatory framework as it applies to our business. This led to a successful launch of our first investment fund in April 2010. Ms Wong's knowledge, combined with her courage and creativity, was exactly what we needed to get our business going. Chia Wong LLP is certainly well-equipped to help entrepreneurs like us turn dreams into reality.”
“I am glad to have found the right lawyer in Messrs Chia Wong LLP, who managed to settle my case swiftly without a tussle. The outcome was certainly better than what I could have possibly hoped for.”
“I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Chia Boon Teck and his staff from Chia Wong LLP. Mr Chia assisted me through this stressful period. Without his professional legal advice, I would be totally lost as to how to deal with my case. Mr Chia has been instrumental in his legal services, he analysed and explained to me clearly about the likely consequences that I might face. The case turned out to be as what he had predicted, I am truly pleased with the outcome of my case and glad that I've engaged him as my lawyer.”
“I am deeply appreciative and thankful to Ms Wong Kai Yun and her humble team of Chia Wong LLP who helped me through the difficult period. Ms Wong handled things professionally. She has a heart, a lot of patience and a listening ear. I found the whole process less stressful due to her prompt responses and action. I'll definitely recommend Ms Wong to anyone for her legal services.”
“I am very lucky to have Messrs Chia Wong LLP on my side. They provided me with excellent professional legal advice, spent much time on my case, and listened to me. I feel very comfortable and happy with their effort and service.”
“As it is our first brush with the law, we were totally clueless as to what to do and what to expect. Mr Chia Boon Teck's professionalism & dedication brought us through this difficult period of uncertainties and sleepless nights with much needed peace of mind than what we could have asked for. We were deeply impressed by Mr Chia's pro-active approach in damage control which has eventually yielded results that were out of our expectation. We have no hesitation in recommending Mr Chia to anyone who requires legal assistance.”
“I am thankful for how Kai Yun has handled my cases with care and professionalism in the last 2 years. Her ability to research and find precedents to support my unusual case is a clear testament to her devotion and commitment to help her clients. Armed with that, she was able to negotiate a settlement to my benefit and expectations. She has a very good understanding of our legal system and laws and I would recommend Kaiyun to anyone who needs legal advice.”
“Mr Chia's services rendered to me often extended beyond his office hours. His professionalism gave me the assurance that I had engaged the right lawyer. He explained clearly to me the situation that I was in and the various possible outcomes. He explained clearly to me all my options and he respected my decision. His knowledge of, and expertise in the law gave me much assurance. His patient guidance every now and then helped me to cope with the enormous stress. When an unexpected situation cropped up during the hearing, Mr Chia and Ms Wong calmly kept the situation under control and they thought out of the box to damage-control the situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Chia and Ms Wong to anyone who requires legal services.”
“I am very pleased with the legal services rendered by Chia Wong LLP, especially the valuable advices by Mr Chia Boon Teck. Without his professional advice, I would not have known how to deal with my case. Chia Wong LLP is indeed a very professional law firm which provide excellent personalized legal services. I am truly pleased with the outcome of my case.”
“Being an expat in Singapore and with no prior experience with local law, I appreciate the way Mr. Chia tackled my situation so proactively and that he never provided me with any false hopes. He always shared the best and worst case scenarios at each step. I was very pleased that all his legal predictions matched the way he played his cards.”
“Having had experiences with several lawyers from big and small firms earlier, I know the great importance of finding an experienced lawyer with a good head and heart. Mr Chia certainly has both qualities. He was able to grasp my issues and keep me focused on achieving what I want. He helped me to achieve realistic results within my financial means without incurring unneccesary costs and more emotional pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Chia Wong LLP to anyone whose position has been unfairly compromised by big financial institutions. You can surely trust the lawyers from Chia Wong LLP for their efficient, patient, experienced, courageous and meticulous services to pursue justice for small individuals like me. Thank you Mr Chia and his team!”
“I'm fortunate to have Mr Chia Boon Teck representing me on a legal case and his professional expertise and knowledge of the law in litigation impressed me deeply. At the most stressful time, Boon Teck still stay focused, patient and even went the extra mile to extend emotional support to my family. I am appreciative of his great effort and will not hesitate to recommend Boon Teck to anyone who require legal services.”
“I had the opportunity to use Ms Wong Kai Yun's services and I found her response timely and her advice practical. She has always been able to offer viable solutions for parties and has sound knowledge in her area of practice. I highly recommend her services.”

“When I engaged Chia Wong LLP, I was not sure what to expect (since I had never engaged a legal firm or lawyer before). I was very impressed by the professional manner and respect with which I and my case was treated and the urgency with which it was dealt with – not only by Mr Chia, but also by everyone within Chia Wong LLP. At the end of our 6 week long engagement, I found Mr Chia to be experienced, courteous, honest, friendly, professional, very competent and most importantly – a trustworthy and reliable legal adviser. Given my above experience, I would highly recommend Chia Wong LLP to anyone looking for top quality legal advice.”
“When you have to face down a bully in a legal fight, there's no one better to have on your side than Boon Teck, for he is fearless with a sharp legal mind.”
“I was recommended by a good friend to Chia Wong LLP for my divorce matter which proved to be a wise choice. A tenacious and humble team who handles the assignment proficiently. I am grateful for their sound legal advice and quick-wittedness.”
“Chia Boon Teck explained the range of likely outcomes I faced. He then charted a course through those outcomes. His clear and professional approach set my mind at ease in an unfamiliar process and enabled me to prepare for next steps.”
“When I engaged Mr Chia Boon Teck's legal services, his professionalism and practical advice helped me and my family to handle the crisis well. I appreciate that he tried all he could to get the best outcome of the situation for us.”
“I may be down with all my resources, yet I know in His grace, His work is done. He provides and I am "rich" in every sense as I am blessed with Mr Chia Boon Teck and Ms Wong Kai Yun. Their dedication to my case is a constant source of support for me, even through my weakest moments. I am indeed blessed with having them acting for me.”
“I was impressed by the quick reaction of Ms Wong Kai Yun who managed to help me to achieve the best out of the worst situations. Her advice and guidance rendered to me and my children during my difficult times were valuable and I sincerely appreciate her professionalism. The flower with Chilli Padi arrangement that I've sent her was my expression of her – a Chilli Padi: red, hot and powerful.”
“It was difficult to comprehend the charges laid and the court process, as it was my first time in the legal system. Chia Boon Teck put things as they stood and walked me through the process, giving me peace of mind during the wait for the hearing and during the process itself. Its best to know the enemy we face and advisable not to stand alone, and I am glad I equipped myself with the right defence.”
“As an international private equity firm, Corstone Capital is very demanding on its law firm relationships. I have found Chia Wong to be an outstanding firm of highly qualified lawyers who understands our business issues and uniquely blend both into their advice to us.”
“Though we found ourselves embroiled in a case with an American multinational in which our position in law was weak, Boon Teck's attention to detail, extensive connections within Singapore legal circles and excellent negotiating skills delivered us a most satisfactory settlement. His all round professionalism and constant reassurance was also a great source of comfort during what was a very stressful time. I will always be grateful.”
“I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Chia Boon Teck for his excellent legal service he provided. It was with his help that my close friend, who’s a high flyer professional, managed to have his police case settled with such an excellent outcome which we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We are grateful that we had found Mr Chia to act as his lawyer via a strong recommendation from my university law professor. Mr Chia was extremely reassuring and set us at ease as he guided and helped us through the stressful situation.”
“After having prior experience with other lawyers, I'm truly glad that I decided to engage Ms Wong Kai Yun in handling the custody for my child. She is very professional and shows sensitivity, and has a very clear understanding of my needs. She also gives very good advice and I'm very happy with her services. I find the whole process less stressful due to Ms Wong's prompt responses and actions. I'll definitely recommend Ms Wong to anyone for her legal services.”
“Mr Chia Boon Teck's legal services rendered to us on various legal matters had been thorough, meticulous and very professional with no nonsense and we were very satisfied as his client seeking the right legal professional to resolve our legal matters urgently. At no time has Mr Chia ever left us frustrated with his legal professional services rendered to us. We are happy to retain his services for our future legal matters.”
“This was not an easy trust for me to manage, given its long history, the previously failed arrangements and the legal tussles involved. Ms Wong Kai Yun was very effective with her expert advice and trust structure. Her efficiency and capability of thinking out of the box were most helpful.”
“I would like to specially thank Mr Chia for his excellent and professional service rendered to me. Mr Chia has been instrumental in his service and he has provided great help and practical legal advice. He has alleviated much worries & burden from my shoulders with his legal competence and assurance. He has proven me right when I entrusted my case to him and I would have no reservations in recommending him to any of my friends if they need any legal assistance.”
“I’m grateful to Ms Wong Kai Yun for bringing about a fair & lasting resolution to a litigious dispute potentially painful to both parties. Her keen perceptiveness of both parties’ feelings and mental states in relation to the law is most commendable.”
“Mr Chia Boon Teck is a lawyer who goes the extra mile for you, not only does he gives what is required legally but also in emotional support. He provides valuable advice and understanding. I want to thank him again.”
“Mr Chia Boon Teck’s approach and in-depth knowledge of the law in litigation has helped the defence of our case. We are grateful for all his efforts.”
“In my few years dealing with businesses, I realised that trust is hard to come by, yet so vital for the stability and growth of a business. I had followed Ms Wong through 2 previous companies, and have found her legal advice to be sound and helpful. I have come to trust her and Mr Chia, as well as their team. That's what matters to me most, and that is why I enjoy working with them on all my company's legal issues, as well as personal legal issues.”
“I have referred several matters, where my firm was conflicted from acting, to Boon Teck and Kai Yun. Their ability to offer solutions which balance sound legal advice with commercial considerations have impressed the clients, and garnered much praise and thanks for Boon Teck and Kai Yun.”

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